You’ve heard the taglines before.
‘I write copy that…’

Gets leads!

Gains signups!

Reduces churn!

Works! Sells! Converts!

Yada yada…

I even use a few of these myself. But, here’s the thing. Well, actually two things…


Your customers don’t talk like that, so neither should your copywriter.


If everyone is saying the same thing, does it even mean anything and how can you know who can do what they say they can do?

Here’s a hint!

Writing is not some unquantifiable ‘art’.

Well, it might be for the Hemingways or Tolstoys, but that’s not the right approach to writing high-converting landing pages for a social listening software brand.


Great copy relies on data and a repeatable, testable process. So, it’s more of a science with creativity mixed in.


With the Conversion Copywriting process, there’s no guesswork, reckoning or sitting by your analytics with your fingers crossed.

There’s just numbers, methods, hypotheses and test.

And if you had to bet your profit on one or the other, which would you choose?

Yeah, I thought so!

A writer with a well-defined process is one that can:

  • Demonstrate why they’re making their choices
  • Replicate their results time and time again
  • Know when their approach will work for you

So, if you’ve found yourself drowning in a sea of prospective copywriters and struggling to make meaningful comparisons, take a look at my process.

If your growing SaaS or marketing brand is ready to invest in data-driven copy, book a strategy call and let’s talk.


Phase 1

When Minds Meet

Aka the consultation phase

You get in touch

I watch your email drop and schedule a call within 24 hours (yes, I am that keen).

Our strategy call

We talk business, goals, budget and timescales over Whereby/Skype or Whatsapp. We uncover where you’re at and where you want to be and ask the questions that kickstart a winning strategy.


Not the sunset ring-reveal kind, but a comprehensive PDF covering your brief, our goals, what I need, what you’ll get and what it will cost.

Acceptance and deposit

Time to put your cards on the table. A 60% deposit secures your spot in my calendar. (I accept GBP, EUR, USD, AUD and other currencies, hurray!).

Phase 2

A Lot of R&D

Aka the research and discovery phase

Defining your offer

First, I need to understand what you’re offering. I get the dirty deets on your brand, its history, values and goals from your team. Then speak to the people closest to your customers, get the measure of your competitors and review your product with a demo, training or in-app test.

Uncovering opportunities

Now you get the chance to define your product so I can uncover the biggest wins for us in this process. I get shoulder-deep in your existing strategy, content and analytics. And, since there’s no point writing great copy that can’t be seen, I’ll root out the keywords that will drive traffic once it’s live.

Identifying your message

Now I have your side of the story, it’s time to focus on your customers. I wade through your business’s online reviews, social media mentions and other audience interactions to find out how they see your product and brand. To dig deep, I send out surveys to your tribe and use interviews to secure those nuggets of copywriting gold.

Phase 3

Getting It Together

Aka the copywriting and wireframing phase

The outline

I draw up an outline of your copy that demonstrates the language, tone and structure I think will work for your product, brand or project. If your team signs off on the basics, I’ll start to flesh it out.

First draft

Provided in a Balsamiq wireframe to showcase the flow and pace of your copy. Your first draft is ready to go live, but sometimes clients request a few tweaks.


I include one round of revisions for free. So gather your team and hash out any changes you’d like to see.

SEO optimisation

If you don’t have in-house SEO, I audit your copy for keyword use and suggestions using Yoast/SEMRush.

Final draft and invoicing

I deliver the final, optimised copy for your team to implement along with the final invoice.

Phase 4

Could It Be Better?

Aka the testing & optimisation phase

We’ve piled weeks of effort into this copy. It’s live and the eyes on the page are converting at a great rate. But… could it be better? There’s only one way to know and that is to test. I use A/B split or multivariate testing and data analysis to tweak your copy until we find it’s ROI-boosting limit.

Phase 5

Staying on top

Aka the ongoing CRO phase (Optional add-on)

Quarterly retesting and optimisation

Creating high-converting copy is rarely a ‘once and done’ activity. Running regular CRO test on alternate versions using newly mined messaging keeps your brand in line with your customer’s thoughts and expectations, as well as industry trends.

It’s always easier and less costly to maintain great copy than to start again from scratch once it’s stopped delivering. If you want to keep your copy in profit-peaking condition, I’ll conduct ongoing, quarterly testing on retainer.

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