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Service levels

I am a big fan of deep research and hypothesis testing.

It produces the best copy and gives businesses the voice they need to connect with their audience. It just works!

But, I’m also a realist and many businesses, especially those just starting out, need an economical option that still delivers quality, memorable copy.

So, I offer two service levels, Get Sticky and Go Deep.

You’ll want to Get Sticky if you need expert copy on a tight budget. But, there’s no substitute for Go Deep. Businesses that invest in audience research, conversion testing and SEO at the start get more leads and generate higher revenue over the long-term.

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Web copy

Buyers prefer brands that speak their language

Your sitch

You’ve got a winning idea and the marketing plan to get it noticed. Now you need a hub to bring it all together. Your business’s focal point. It’s website.

What I can do for you

I write research-led, brand-matched web copy that speaks your customer’s language. I maximise conversions with attention-grabbing CTAs and taglines, wireframe text ready for designers and advise on funnel optimisation to channel leads down your pipeline.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £300 per page or £1500 per 5-7 page website

Go Deep – from £1500 per page or £4500 per 5-7 page website

Landing pages

You have 8 seconds to make an impression

Your sitch

Your website is a fantastic marketing tool. But it has to be generalist. So, it’s no good at inspiring audience segments. You’re ready to make more money by breaking your audience down into bite-sized chunks and putting a custom offer in front of them that solves their problems.

What I can do for you

I write conversion-optimised landing pages that speak directly to your target audience. By applying research-based insights and CRO principles, I can increase your ROI by up to 223%.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £500 per page

Go Deep – from £1500 per page

Lead magnets

93% of B2B business get more leads from content marketing than any other strategy

Your sitch

You’re channelling traffic through the top of your funnel but you’re just not getting the sales. You have a bottleneck and it’s probably because you don’t have a lead magnet.

What I can do for you

I design and write text-based lead magnets that turn long-term blog lurkers into buyers. Think online guides, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, resource lists, tutorials, toolkits, content upgrades and more. Your lead magnet will address your customer’s needs and optimise the heck out of your existing funnel.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £1500

Go Deep – from £3500

Email funnels

Email marketing generates an RIO of up to 3800%

Your sitch

You have a blog, you’re on social and you’re getting interest at the top of your funnel but your conversion is low. You need a more direct approach. 99 percent of potential buyers check their emails daily. So, a well-optimised email sequence can quickly turn leads into cold hard cash.

What I can do for you

I write mobile optimised sales emails and sequences that nurture conversions throughout the customer journey, as well as sales optimised onboarding, broadcast and triggered emails.

What it will cost

Get sticky – from £200 per email or £800 for a 5-7 email sequence

Go Deep – from £2300 per 5-7 email sequence

Case studies

In a 34 million strong study, case studies inspired a deal completion rate of 83% 

Your sitch

You’ve built awareness and demonstrated value. Now you need to close the deal. For 71% of your buyers, case studies are the clincher. They build trust and put your best advocates front and centre.

What I can do for you

I produce unique Q&A or quote-style customer stories to close deals. Your case study will be research-driven and optimised for conversions.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £1000 using existing customer quotes and stories 

Go Deep – from £2500

Blogs & Articles

Content marketing generates 3X the leads of paid search advertising & at a lower cost

Your sitch

You’re seeing success at the lower end of your funnel and now you want to drive more traffic into your flow. You need engaging content that builds your tribe by encouraging shares, inspiring new audiences or getting the attention of influencers.

What I can do for you

I write funnel-optimised, long-form How-To’s, Ultimate Guides, Step-by-Steps, resource & link lists, commentaries & updates, expert interviews and more. I use the skyscraper technique and competitor research to uncover the topics that will get your business noticed online.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £350 per article

Jodie is a great writer. She delivers high quality, well-researched articles, closely follows our briefs, and is always available to make revisions when necessary. She’s one of the most professional freelance writers we have worked with.


Karolina Mikolajczyk

Content Marketing Specialist, Napoleon Cat

Video scripts

Video boosts organic SERPs traffic by 157%

Your sitch

You have the concept, the look and the goals for your B2B marketing video, but you’re struggling to find the right words to bring it all together.

What I can do for you

I specialise in conversational scripts for quirky video concepts like branded informational videos, product promos, launch videos, crowdfunding campaigns, explainers, video case studies and brand stories/intros.

What it will cost

Get Sticky – from £300 per minute of video (min. £300 project fee)

Go Deep – from £500 per minute of video (min. £1000 project fee)

Content audits

As much as 60% of B2B marketing content never sees the light of day

Your sitch

You’ve busted your butt and your budget on content, but the results are underwhelming. It’s not just you… up to 60% of B2B marketing content never sees the light of day. A mass of unread blogs, web pages and lead magnets wander the global internet desperate for attention they won’t ever get. What a waste!

What I can do for you

I run SEO, CRO and Content Maximisation audits to make the words you’ve already paid for work harder for your business. No more 0-click, no share, population-1 pages. Your content should be making you a shed load of cash. So, I’ll root out source of poor performance and create reports full of tips and fixes.

What it will cost

  • CRO or Content Max audit – from £2500 per 5-7 page website +50 articles
  • SEO audit – from £1500 per 5-7 page website +50 articles
  • Full-house audit (SEO + CRO + Content Max) from £6000

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