Are you sick of conversion-trashing copy that totally misses the mark?

B2B marketing has a copywriting problem

Data shows that up to 60% of commissioned B2B content never sees the light of day. No views, no click, no shares and no leads.

That’s a lot of wasted money and time.

But why is it so hard to get copy that works?

This is going to sound controversial but…

Words don’t make great copy.

Data does!

Sure, you need copy that:

  • Demonstrates the value of your product
  • Is true to your brand
  • And secures its position in the marketplace

But it isn’t all about you.

Average copy describes.

Great copy…

  • Speaks your audience’s language
  • Gets seen in the SERPs
  • And actually sells

So, you need an industry-specialist Copywriter who IS DRIVEN BY DATA, KNOWS SEO AND USES TESTS TO GET RESULTS.

We’re talking strategies that could 3X your campaign ROI

(and when a staggering 78% of businesses are unhappy with their conversion rate, that’s a major win)

I’m a Conversion Copywriter, Content Strategist and Optimisation Specialist working with bold B2B SaaS and marketing brands.

I bring a 10-year background in sales to the table, along with an authoritative voice on SEO and the tools to know when copy hits the mark.

My copy sells!

Why should you believe me? Well… 

I’ve spent a decade selling the toughest value proposition around. And when I wasn’t convincing the public to embrace their inner altruist, I was building campaigns, conducting research & graduating from a world top 3 university.

Could we be good together?

What do you think?

Here’s what you can expect from me…


This isn’t my first rodeo! In my 10-year international fundraising career, I learnt a thing or a thousand about business.


I raised £2 million for charities before my 25th birthday and graduated in the top 10% from Cambridge University. And I’ve got some kick in me yet.


I don’t do ‘fluff’ and I don’t write ‘thin’. I follow a process, explore all avenues and let the data drive my words.


The best copy tells a story, and that story is not mine. It’s yours and your customer’s. I just root it out and bring it into the light.

Conversion Copywriting takes the guesswork out of your messaging. I back up decisions with figures and tests.

No more reckoning.
No more probably’s.

Just numbers you can trust and justify to anyone in your team.

To discuss how Conversion Copywriting could help you achieve sustainable, profitable growth…

Book your short strategy call today.

I worked with Jodie on a blog project for an IT company and she was a joy to work with. Not only is she devoted to her work, but she is also extremely motivated... I believe she'll be a true asset to every project she works on. Highly Recommended!

Shelley Ram

Founder at Attractiveo

I strongly recommend Jodie for all types of copywriting projects. She is a real professional and we are happy to have her.

Faryad Kashef

CEO at Parrot Solutions

Jodie is a great writer. She delivers high quality, well-researched articles, closely follows our briefs, and is always available to make revisions when necessary. She’s one of the most professional freelance writers we have worked with.

Karolina Mikolajczyk

Content Marketing Specialist, Napoleon Cat

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